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John DeTore

John A. DeTore is the quantitative research director for GRT Capital and the portfolio manager for the United Alpha strategies. Mr. DeTore has been involved with investment management and research since 1983. He formed United Alpha, L.L.C. and started the United Alpha European Fund in 2003. His firm joined forces with GRT Capital Partners in 2006.

Mr. DeTore's reputation as a leader in quantitative research and as a premiere product engineer is well established. His success began at Wellington where he conceived and built a quantitative research team over eight years into a very successful unit. Mr. DeTore created and managed two new successful products for Wellington before moving to Putnam in 1994.

At Putnam Mr. DeTore built an impressive research and product engineering unit which designed seven products focusing on the international and small cap areas. These products grew to $10 billion in assets, and were strong performers at Putnam. Eventually this unit grew to 30 people and helped produce a remarkable performance and asset growth record. Mr. DeTore was a key figure in process design, risk control, investment strategy, personnel development and strategic management. He helped realign the smaller cap line-up and helped structure an initiative into international equities.

Mr. DeTore holds a Master's degree in transportation from MIT where he also obtained his undergraduate degree. He is a long standing participant in various industry research and investment organizations such as the Boston Securities Analysts Society and AIMR. He is also a CFA charterholder.