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About Us

GRT Capital Partners, LLC was founded in 2001 by Rudolph Kluiber, Gregory Fraser and Timothy Krochuk. The firm provides active equity management through the use of time-tested as well as new strategies for a diversified investor base. GRT Capital prides itself on its institutional approach to asset management, risk control and client service.

Active management, by its very nature, is hard to do. The maintenance of an investing edge takes dedication and constant improvement in everything a firm does. For this reason, GRT combines the benefits of careful fundamental research, deep quantitative research and the latest technology. But there is no compass like experience, and all of the capability that is developed is guided by the best senior investment professionals from the Boston community who have come to GRT to do what they do best.

Today, Rudolph Kluiber, Gregory Fraser and Timothy Krochuk are proud to have attracted twenty dedicated professionals, ten of whom are involved with asset management on a daily basis.

Successful institutional management requires not only strong and consistent investment performance, but also capable infrastructure. At GRT Capital, our commitment to infrastructure includes a general counsel dedicated to investment law and regulatory affairs, three dedicated trading and investment administration professionals, and two technology specialists that maintain our extensive proprietary investment technology.

Today, GRT Capital Partners offers long-only, long/short, sector-based, closed-end opportunities, quantitative, and international investment strategies. Our strategies are available through pooled investment vehicles, structured products, and separately managed accounts.

GRT Capital Partners is a registered investment adviser, and meets the requirements of a "qualified professional asset manager" or QPAM for purposes of ERISA.

GRT Capital Partners consists of twenty dedicated professionals, ten of whom are involved with asset management on a daily basis